“WhatsRemoved+” an unofficial way of seeing deleted messages of the WhatsApp

In 2017 WhatsApp introduced a feature of “Delete for everyone,” users can use this feature for removing their messages for  themselves and also for the receiver. Users of WhatsApp can use this feature in the group chats as well. While chatting, users use this option for deleting text, audio, and video messages for everyone. Whenever users use this feature for removing a message, “This message was deleted” will appear on their screen of the phone. If an iOS user deleted their text, audio, and video for everyone, that deleted data automatically saved in their Photo gallery.

Now there is a new app available that can show these deleted messages of WhatsApp. This app is called” WhatsRemoved+.” Users can download this app from the Google play store and can see all the deleted data. WhatsRemoved+ is a useful app, but it is an unofficial app and did not have official support from WhatsApp.

WhatsRemoved+ is a third-party app, but it’s beneficial in retrieving the deleted text, audio, or video. But all the users of whatsRemoved+ should know that it is an unofficial app but can be used with proper caution. This app reads WhatsApp messages by getting access to the personal user data; it monitors the notifications and content of WhatsApp. Using this app with caution is essential for all of its users.

You can see your “deleted for everyone” messages of WhatsApp by following these instructions:

  • Download WhatsRemoved+ from Google play store
  • After downloading and installing allow all the permissions of WhatsRemoved+ after reading permissions.
  • After installing WhatsRemoved+, they will ask you about the apps that you want to give access to the WhatsRemoved.
  • WhatsRemoved+ will show you a list of different apps including WhatsApp
  • You need to select the specific apps which you want to give access, select WhatsApp from this list.

Save all the data and files and click on yes and Allow

After saving all the data and tap on allowing, now your notifications and messages will be accessed by WhatsRemoved+ on your mobile phone. Now Users have to open the WhatsRemoved+ and select WhatsApp from the given list of apps for getting access to the downloaded data of WhatsApp.

WhatsRemoved+ will notify you whenever it detects some changes in the notifications of WhatsApp, and it will alarm you only about the manually selected announcements by yourself.

Users should know that by using this app, their security and privacy is at risk because an unofficial app will access all the personal data and personal details including bank balance and OTPs. WhatsRemoved is a beneficial and useful app, but users should keep it in mind that viewing your deleted messages can become harmful for your privacy.

WhatsRemoved+ claims that their aim is just to retrieve those messages that were detailed by the users by mistake. Users should know that sometimes some messages of WhatsApp did not appropriately download; such messages are not recoverable by WhatsRemoved+. All deleted messages should be downloaded completely.

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