Will Brunei’s anti-LGBT Sharia regulation spread across Southeast Asia?

Brunei’s new regulation punishing gay sex with death via stoning has despatched a wave of fear throughout the LGBT populace in neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia.

On April three, the small oil-wealthy kingdom of Brunei added a strict Islamic prison code mandating death for adultery and sex between men, in addition to lashes for lesbian sex and amputation for crimes like theft.
It has sparked a tide of condemnation from Western nations and celebrities alike. UN excessive Commissioner on Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on April 1 defined the legal guidelines as “draconian” and a setback for human rights.
however across Brunei’s border in Indonesia and Malaysia, both Muslim-majority nations, there was professional silence.
the lack of reaction from the distinguished Southeast Asian leaders is probable to gas worries about the upward thrust of conservative Islam within the place and the outcomes for sexual and religious minorities.

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