Wyze Cam 1080p Review, Features, Description, and Evaluation

Wyze cam 1080p HD is a smart camera for use in homes, it has many good features and excellent performance. This camera has multiple benefits, the performance of the camera is very good and the security system is up to the mark. In this article, I will review this product, describe its features and specifications.

Features of Wyze Cam V2

  • Wyze Cam 1080 HD is a smart home camera that has 2-way audio and the ability of night vision. It works with the Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • You can do live streaming of 1080p – 1080p Full HD from anywhere. Live streaming allows you to see your home from inside by simply using your mobile phone. In live streaming you can use Two-way audio speak, it allows you to speak with your family and friend through the app of Wyze cam.
  • The camera can do motion and sound recording and store it in free cloud storage. When sound and motion detected, Camera can work automatically and record a video clip of 12 seconds and save the clip up to 14 days in cloud storage.
  • you don’t have to monitor the Wyze cam app constantly, a Mobile push notification is enabled in the camera, that can alert you when detecting something wrong and keeps you up to date.
  • MicroSD is sold separately for storing your data, microSD cards are available with different capacity of storage.
  • Feature of Night vision allow you to see in the night, you can see in full darkness at night with the help of 4 infrared LEDs (IR)
  • Voice Controlled works with Google Assistant and Alexa, let you use your voice to see what happened in your house. The Wyze cam works only with wifi of 2.4GHz, I did not work with iOS and Android mobile phones or devices.
  • You can share your Wyze cam with your family and friends, if you share with your family, all family members can have access to a camera’s videos recording or live streaming. If you want to share with your family, ask them to download the Wyze cam app and send them an invitation to join you.


Description of Wyze Cam V2

Wyze cam is used for indoor, it can deliver clear fast video recording and live streaming into your mobile phone through the Wyze mobile app (Andriod and iOS). Any time you can receive an update or alert when your Wyze cam record any voice or video and can store it into cloud storage for free of cost.

You don’t need any subscription or fees for using Wyze mobile phone app, easily detect motion in both playback and live stream mode of Wyze cam.You can use microSD for regular recording and storing data, use 2-way audio to listen from your Wyze cam.

Wyze cam allows you to share your camera with family members, view and share videos and photos through the app and get alerts and updates.Wyze cam v2 can work with Alexa, you can use your voice for talking with Alexa. You can ask Alexa to show your rooms and view a live stream through your camera.It has the feature of night vision, you can see in the night very clearly up to 30 feet. Wyze cam v2 can deliver a crisp and clear live stream into your smartphones.



Wyze cam v2 is an inexpensive, flexible and sharp indoor camera that has small size but many features. You can share it with your family members, it can record live streaming, motion and sound triggers. The camera has time-lapse recording and free cloud storage.


It does not support IFTTT and could not integrate with other smart devices of the home.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Question no. 1

After making an alert video of 15 sec, when the monitor sensor becomes capable of recording another alter video?


The monitor sensor takes a break of 5 minutes, and after taking a cool-down period of 5 sec start making another video. The camera creates a 12-second video when there is a regular motion.

Question no. 2

Is it possible to use a camera with an SD card without wifi?


Yes, it is possible, you need to set your camera as you normally set up with the wifi and then disconnect the wifi and move camera towards an offside location and use it with SD card without using wifi.

Question no. 3

What is the warranty of Wyze cam v2?


Wyze cam has a 1-year money-back warranty, this period of warranty covers any type of defects in the workmanship and materials of the camera.

Question no. 4

Is Wyze cam v2 is compatible with the wifi network of  2.4ghz and 5ghz?


Yes, the camera can work with the 2.4ghz wifi network, you need to set your mobile phone to 2.5ghz to accommodate the camera. With 5ghz it did not work properly because it is important to get right wifi settings otherwise app could not work

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