Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will have more features for health tracking, will have Alexa as a voice assistant

According to the news reports, Xiaomi’s Mi Band 5 will be launched with many new smart features. It will have Alexa as a voice assistant and there could be many other features for health-tracking. The modern fitness tracker of Xiaomi will also have a function for tracking oxygen level of Blood. Mi band 5 will be more beneficial fitness tracker then Mi band 4.

Xiaomi’s Mi Bands becomes very popular and dominating for other company’s fitness tracker bands. The reason behind the popularity of Mi bands is that these bands have multiple features with many benefits.

  • The currently available on sale Mi Band 4 features are inspired by a smartwatch, it’s next and upcoming version is Mi Band 5 which will have more advanced features. Mi Band 5 will have more smart features and also have Alexa as a voice assistant.
  • According to a report, Mi Band 5 with have multiple smart features included a small microphone for taking on all types of voice commands. Band 5 will have an integration with Alexa voice assistance, but it will not have a small speaker for speaking out all the results. Mi Band 5 don’t have a speaker, but it could reply as a text on the smartphones of its users. This band is not an alternative of a smartwatch, but it will have many powerful features inspired by smartwatches.
  • The users of Mi band 5 can dictate voice command, reply of voice command comes on the smartphones. In the Mi band, 5 users can have simple ways for doing complex tasks. The Battery of Mi band 5 could be defected because of onboard, but Xiaomi has the facility of upgrading powerhouse for getting access to more features.
  • Mi band 5 also can study oxygen level of human Blood, for this purpose band uses a particular optical sensor for getting knowledge about the readings. Studying oxygen level of Blood is not a new feature in Mi band 5 because previous versions Mi bands also had been able to read SpO2 in the users. Now with many useful amazing features, Xiaomi finally becomes a very popular and best fitness tracker band.
  • According to a recent rumour Mi band 5 will also have an OLED screen display of about 1.3-inch and probably had a design look-alike the Redmi Band that was introduced or launched some months ago. The designs and looks of Mi band 5 will also be better than the older versions of Mi fitness tracker bands. Mi band 5 will be perfect and very appealing because of its excellent features.
  • With many essential features of health tracking, Mi band 5 will be able to very appealing to the users of fitness trackers. The facility of Alexa as a voice assistant will also be a useful features for the users. Mi bands becomes very popular because of their excellent features and specifications.
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